CoolSculpting Elite

What is Coolsculpting Elite?

Coolsculpting Elite is the new and improved version of Coolsculpting. It provides all the same benefits of traditional CoolSculpting, and then some! The following benefits have not changed:

  • Freezes fat using cryoliposis
  • Non-Surgical and non-invasive
  • Requires no downtime

Coolsculpting is cleared by the FDA to remove unwanted body fat in the following nine body areas:

  1. Inner thighs
  2. Abdomen
  3. Flanks
  4. Bra fat on the torso under the armpits
  5. Back fat
  6. Underneath the buttocks, known as ‘banana rolls’
  7. Upper arms
  8. Submental area under the chin
  9. Submandibular under the jawline

Both CoolSculpting and Coolsculpting Elite may require multiple treatments to achieve the desired results. However, with Coolsculpting Elite, treatments are more effective and each appointment is faster.

Why is CoolSculpting Elite Better?

Coolsculpting Elite offers a number of improvements over Coolsculpting Legacy, including the following:

Improved Applicators | Enhanced Fat Removal | Better Results | Enhanced Comfort 

  • Elite applicators are no longer U-shaped but C shaped, and come in 7 different shapes and sizes. This new and improved design better fits the body’s natural curves. Coolsculpting Elite’s advanced applicators make treatments more comfortable and more efficient. 
  • The improved contact between the applicator and the skins surface, cooling is faster and results are improved.
  • Coolsculpting Elite makes contact with the body in a more efficient manner, covering up to 18% more skin surface
  • Superior freezing technology reduces discomfort by freezing the treatment area faster

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