My Ultherapy Experience

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After about age 30 my life started moving at a galloping pace. In a matter of a couple of years I found myself as a mom of 2 little kids and owner/operator of a demanding business. When I finally had a moment to stop and really look into a mirror, I realized that sleepless nights and work/life stress have taken a toll on my face. I noticed the set on of jawline sagginess, more pronounced “laugh lines” around my eyes and upper cheeks, drooping eyebrows, my once cute freckles have darkened and multiplied and were now joined by OH NO – age spots…

I always thought that going under the knife to “fix” my aging appearance was not an option. I didn’t like how plastic surgery often changed a person’s face and how it was apparent that this person had undergone plastic surgery; not to mention the pain of recovery, downtime and the cost. As someone who always appreciated her age in that with it I gained experience, knowledge, confidence and wisdom, I accepted what was happening and mentally prepared myself for what was about to happen to my look with onset of “mature years”. That was until I learned about all the new, non-invasive technology that became available in recent years. I read about laser skin resurfacing, sublative rejuvenation, deep skin exfoliations like silk peels and microdermabrasion, chemical peels, IPL procedures… The options are endless, deliver fast noticeable results with little to no downtime and are affordable.

As a newbie I was overwhelmed with all the procedures medical aesthetics have to offer. In my research and during consultations I learned about ultrasound technology called Ultherapy that worked to lift and tighten skin on face, neck and décolleté area with no surgery and no downtime. It was the “next best thing” to having a surgical facelift yet it didn’t change person’s facial features and didn’t require any downtime. Ulthera – the name of the machine that performs ultherapy treatment, looks and sounds like ultrasound machine similar to that used to look inside pregnant belies. It has a screen on which technicians can see and distinguish between different layers of skin tissue so that they can target the deepest layer, the same layer of skin plastic surgeons generally operate at. Focused Ultrasound Energy is delivered precisely where needed for optimal results. The procedure stimulates body’s natural responses and over the next 3-4 months new collagen is generated which is what gives that lift and tightness to the skin. The results may continue to improve and may last for 2 years or longer. So I signed up to get it done! Full face and neck, including eyebrow lift…

I was a little nervous on the day of the procedure; I wasn’t sure how uncomfortable the treatment will be and how effective. I took some ibuprofen before the procedure, was given a little buzzer to keep me distracted during the pulses and lots of comfort and support from my aesthetician. I was told that level of discomfort varies from person to person; some tolerate it very well, while others need little breaks throughout the session. I felt I was in good hands. My face and neck were marked dividing them into smaller treatment areas.

The procedure started with neck treatment. I was so excited to hopefully minimize my inherited double chin and laxity that really bothered me. During the pulses it felt like tiny channels of heat penetrated my skin. This filling lasted fraction of a second and then it was gone until the next pulse was delivered, it was very tolerable, some areas of the neck were more sensitive than others but overall I was now more relaxed and convinced that I will be able to complete the treatment with no problems. We took a little break before moving to the face. Lower face was a breeze, little sensations that I did feel were a little tingly in nature. As we moved to the upper face I could feel the pulses more and was explained that it was because they went over bony areas. The most uncomfortable area was around the eyes. I was told that they used shorter wavelength around the eye area because the skin there is thinner. The good part is that eye area requires very few pulses and while it was not pleasant it was still tolerable and over quickly. The whole procedure took close to 4 hours, including breaks. I was a little tired, very excited and looking forward to start seeing results. Right away my skin looked fresher and tighter which is a common benefit patients often notice right after the procedure but I knew that real changes will start to appear in a few weeks.

During the next week or so I was slightly sore to the touch and some areas of my face developed light bruising, more like yellow hint to the skin, nothing a thin layer of makeup would not cover. To me it was a welcome site, it meant my body started the process -Ultherapy was working. My husband was the first person to comment on my appearance. He said that he can see that my face became tighter and looked younger. Soon after that random people, who didn’t know that I had Ulthera, started commenting on how good I look and I could see the difference myself when I looked at my most recent photographs and simply in the mirror. My jaw lines were more defined, skin looked and felt tighter, and eyeliner easily went over the lash line without having to manipulate my sagging eyelids. Most importantly, I still looked like myself only a younger self.

After 3 months I look and feel younger and more confident and look forward to continued improvement. My neck is in much better shape and double chin noticeably diminished! I feel empowered that I don’t have to “settle” into looking older, can delay the signs of aging, and make them less pronounced. I can be smart, confident and beautiful, older woman.

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