Are you a Facial Treatment Junkie?

Published on March 21, 2017 by

If so, you must read this!

I am addicted to products, and to facial treatments! I usually choose where I am going to have my next treatment depending on price, service, and location. Up until now, I have not been loyal to any one spot, but rather committed to my skin and aging process by having a treatment at least once a month. That all changed when I found Gentle Aesthetics Med Spa through the spa week website. I have been hooked on this Med Spa ever since! As part of a six series guest blog, I will be detailing facial treatments in detail that I have received at Gentle Aesthetics.

As part of the $50 spa week special, and based on my past and current regime of home treatments and products, my aesthetician recommended that I get the Vitalize Peel by SkinMedica. Like many of you, and anyone that has browsed the Internet, SkinMedica is well known and respected in the skin care and facial treatment industry. Their products contain the highest medical grade ingredients without a prescription, backed by years of scientific research. I could not wait to subject my face and neck area to this treatment!

The key benefits of the Vitalize Peel are to improve appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and roughness, noticeable in just one peel, but show excellent results after 3-6 peels. This was a three-step process. The first step was to prepare the skin. I have had this done before, and while the alcohol/acetone prep did not smell the best, I could definitely feel that it was cleaning my skin squeaky clean, removing all the dirt, oil, and any trace of left over makeup. Step two was applying the actual peel product containing salicylic and lactic acids. I do not have sensitive skin, so this was a warm tingling feeling, with my aesthetician checking frequently if I was okay, and if I was comfortable. This sits on your skin anywhere from 3-5 minutes depending on your tolerance. After a gentle cleansing and deactivation, step three, which was the retinol product, was applied. This was followed by applying mandatory sunscreen.

The results were amazing! My skin looked vibrant, and the mild dark spots I had gotten over the summer, were diminished. I immediately felt like I had healthier skin, looked renewed, had a more uniform complexion. My skin looked a bit tan from the solution, however, I did not experience any redness whatsoever, but slight redness may occur. I was also told that there might be some light skin peeling a few days afterwards, and there was, but nothing that I could not lightly exfoliate off. Once again, results can vary depending on your skin. I was cautioned not to use any retinol products or acid treatments leading up to or following this procedure for a few weeks afterwards. This is a MUST TRY treatment for seasoned facial junkies, and clients who are trying to attain better clarity, smoothness, reduction of fine lines, and overall skin tone.


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