Meet Our Team

George Grillo, MD

Medical Director

“I am most proud of the fact that I never stopped listening to my patients… Listening closely to what they are really saying is a difficult skill to learn and maintain”

Dr. Grillo received his medical degree from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. With 35 years of medical practice experience, Gentle Aesthetics is thrilled to have someone with his level of expertise available to our clients. Dr. Grillo practices medicine because he genuinely enjoys helping his patients. He believes that less is more, preventative and non-invasive treatments that can deliver visible results and carry lesser risk of side effects or adverse reactions. “It is all about the risk benefit ratio. What can produce the most benefit i.e. looking younger, healthier, more fit and yet involves spending the least amount of money and comes with the lowest risk of potential complications”

On a personal note:
Dr. Grillo can’t live without his two dogs. When he isn’t working, he runs and cycles diligently, and participates in running and cycling marathons.

Milana Stavitsky, MD

Medical Aesthetics

Member of American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine

“Outer beauty captures the eyes, inner beauty captures the heart…”

Dr Stavitsky was first exposed to anti-aging skincare advances as a medical resident of Tufts University 25 years ago. The idea of delaying the appearance of aging has sparked an interest and eventually developed into a lifelong passion and carrier. She created her cutting-edge cosmetic dermatology practice in the early 2000s in her Wellesley Clinic and has been dedicated to improving women’s and men’s beauty with the latest cosmetic technologies for over a decade. With so many exciting advances in the field of aesthetic medicine that took place over the years, Milana has made sure to continue to perfect her skill and expand her knowledge. She has participated in many conferences and received trainings and certifications in the newest cosmetic dermatology techniques, performed hundreds of cosmetic procedures on numerous patients.

Milana is always on the search for the newest, safest and most effective way to delay and minimize the signs of aging. As a long practicing MD, Dr. Stavitsky is experienced in evaluating a client and suggesting the best individualized treatment course based on their unique physic, health history, aesthetic desires and budget. Her true believe is that “mirror reflection should represent how young a person feels inside if not better, after all – age really is only a number”.

Dr.Stavitsky is board certified and fully licensed to practice medicine in Massachusetts, she is currently affiliated with the Newton-Wellesley Hospital of Massachusetts. Gentle Aesthetics is thrilled to have a doctor with Milana’s level of expertise, passion and professional rapport available to our clients.

On a personal note:
Dr. Stavitsky loves spending time with her husband and their two children. She is also a young, involved grandmother of two wonderful grandkids. Milana enjoys active lifestyle, living much of her free time outdoors hiking, cycling and spending her summer weekends at the Cape. Milana loves to travel to off the beaten track destinations; the most recent adventure took her cycling in the Italian Alps.

Helena Shumakin

Director of Client Relations

“It is my nature to want to help people and what is a better way helping them than maintain their youthful good looks for a lifetime?”

Helena’s vision for Gentle Aesthetics Medspa was to give clients a caliber of experience that is rare in today’s world – one where the way everyone is treated is as satisfying as the natural results we achieve. To fulfill our promise of extraordinary care, we have brought in the best aesthetic professionals with the personality, ability to educate, and skill needed to meet each client’s goals. In addition, we choose only top-of-the-line equipment and products, each carefully vetted to assure the most elegant results. At the core of Gentle is comprehensive, one of a kind Monthly Membership Program with personalized beauty plans that combine just the right treatments in just the right frequency to assure consistent results that last. “I am so proud of Gentle Aesthetics and the difference we are making in so many lives.”

On a personal note:
Helena’s husband, Kosta, their children ages 8 and 5 and family dog all love and share the beautiful New England outdoors where they ski in winter and hike, bike, go to the beach and play tennis in summer. Helena also loves to travel and explore different cultures and have visited many countries together with her husband including off-the-beaten track destinations like Ecuador or Morocco.

Kosta Shumakin

Director of Operations

“I believe in providing customer experience that is beyond client’s expectations!”

Kosta’s role at Gentle Aesthetics is to handle “client experience” in every aspect of our medspa. He is a “behind-the-scenes” kind of guy who has a great deal of experience running a business, handling everything from facility management to new business development. Kosta is also the main technology specialist. He is great at taking an idea and making it into a reality which takes a lot of business passion, motivation, countless hours of research and communication.

Kosta’s entrepreneurial nature does not want to just do the expected. His goal is to provide flawless customer experience where we maintain quality assurance in every aspect of our business. “ I want it to surprise and delight our clients…” Every aspect of client relations and client engagement has been developed and is supported under Kosta’s leadership.

On a personal note:
When not working, Kosta loves to spend time with his family, from watching a movie to going on bike rides and walks. He also enjoys gardening and loves to travel.

Leah McCabe

Licensed Registered Nurse Injector/Aesthetic Nurse

“My top priorities are educating the patients and building trust so they have confidence that I can do whatever is needed for a successful outcome.”

Leah brings years of extensive training and expertise to aesthetic treatments and skincare. She has many years of experience with Neurotoxins and dermal fillers which allow her to help educate and guide each patient, make recommendations and work together to reach the patients’ goals. We often hear praise and appreciation from Leah’s clients many of whom have been with Leah for years and come from far to receive treatments from her. Leah is also a highly regarded trainer for Candela – the maker of one of the most trusted medical aesthetic equipment and has extensive knowledge of laser and IPL procedures. She continues to develop her expertness in the most cutting-edge and effective procedures by attending training sessions all over the country. Listening to what a client needs, taking the time necessary to assess their goals and overall safety are very important aspects of what Leah does. “We are in the business of increasing people’s self confidence and we all take that very seriously.”

On a personal note:
Leah recently got married to a wonderful man and loves to travel internationally to places like England, Australia, Fiji, Paris, Hawaii, and, especially, the Caribbean.

Nicolle Joyce

Clinic manager, Master Aesthetician and Laser Technician

“I love making my clients feel beautiful”

Nicolle brings many years of experience, education and passion for Aesthetics; she is committed to her carrier of choice and is always expanding her skills, going to trainings and self-educating. Nicole’s particular area of expertise is anti-aging to address wrinkles, loss of elasticity and sun damage. She loves everything about skincare and seeing physical changes that turn someone into a more youthful, dynamic version of him or herself.

Nicolle enjoys educating clients so that they understand the benefits and the science behind each treatment or product. She wants clients to feel comfortable that they are making the right choice. She doesn’t believe in pushy sales tactics but rather in empowering clients with knowledge and developing personal trust which takes time and proven results.

Her philosophy is to start taking care of the skin early, with consistent treatment and really effective at-home care. ““Some clients come in depressed, saying “I feel so young but I look in the mirror and see aging skin.” I work with them to develop a customized plan, gain their trust and, together, we start a journey of lifelong beauty.””

On a personal note:
I’m engaged and busy making plans and arrangements for the wedding. We have two dogs and love to hike and spend our time outdoors.

Nickole Barrese

Assistant Clinic Manager, Aesthetician and Laser Technician

“Just as a transformation of the body takes time, so does a transformation of the skin. Each appointment acts as a stepping stone to the final result.”

Nickole holds advanced aesthetics degree and numerous certifications in technologies that we have here at Gentle; she brings tremendous knowledge and expertise to our clients. Nickole’s core belief is that beautiful skin CAN be achieved with the right treatments and at-home regimen. As a woman with problematic skin herself, Nickole always takes the time to listen to client’s individual concerns and personal goals. She will provide realistic expectations and will make sure that clients leave feeling even more beautiful than when they came in. “How you look on the outside can have a tremendous impact on how you feel on the inside, so really, I am working from the inside out.”

On a personal note:
Outside of her profession Nickole loves spending time with her niece and nephews. I also love to run on the beach and spend time with her boyfriend, who is finally home from the military.

Darline Martins

Aesthetician and Laser Technician/Electrologist

“I gravitate towards all things beauty and strive to assist my clients to feel and look their very best, internally and externally.”

Darline has been fascinated with skincare for as long as she can remember. One of her earliest memories is sitting on her mother’s bathroom counter applying skin care products on herself. While working in the beauty industry for many years, Darline has put herself through the highest level in aesthetic education and also became a licensed electrologist. Darline has a nurturing, positive nature that clients love and appreciate, she always goes beyond just a treatment, she offers her advice so issue can be approached from all sides “there are times when I need to work with clients on internal issues like stress, diet etc. because their skin is showing me that there is more than external problem…together, we work toward ideal goal”. Darline is passionate about overall skin health and is always on top of the newest aesthetic trends, educating and attending training sessions. Clients often comment on Darline’s gentle yet confident technique and upbeat personality.

On a personal note:
When I am not obsessing over mastering the latest beauty trend you can find me traveling with my son, boyfriend and family, working up a mean sweat at a spin class, or eating at a nice restaurant in town with a glass of wine in hand.

Kate Deery

Aesthetician and Laser Technician

“with the right procedures and products, sunscreen and lots of water, everyone can have healthy, vibrant skin”

Kate has graduated from Esthetics School in 2010 and began working in medical aesthetics right away. Her journey in beauty industry took her through popular beauty chains and small family owned medical spas. Kate received numerous trainings and certifications in various cutting edge medical aesthetics procedures. She is a result driven professional and a big believer in chemical peels. Whether it is an acne issue, pigmentation, hydration or anti-aging, Kate is confident that there is a peel out there customized for each and everyone’s skin.
“I particularly love working with problematic skin because over the years I have discovered the proper treatments and correct product protocols. I absolutely love seeing client’s satisfaction and the transformation of their skin”

On a personal note:
Kate is a full time nursing student which takes up majority of her time outside of work. She also enjoys her passion as a makeup artist, bridal makeup in particular.


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