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Dermaplane Boston

What is Dermaplane?

Dermaplane is a manual procedure that removes dead skin cells and stimulates skin renewal. Performed by a trained licensed aesthetician using surgical grade blades, this method is gentle yet effective option for deep exfoliation of the skin without the use of harsh chemicals. Dermaplaning is safe, completely pain free and has no downtime.

How Dermaplane Works

A trained technician will employ medical grade, sterile blades to remove dead layer of the skin in short and methodical strokes. The procedure takes about 20 minutes and is a perfect add-on to many skin rejuvenation treatments we offer. In fact, we advise dermaplane to precede many skin rejuvenation procedures. By removing outer layer of epidermis the procedure that follows will penetrate deeper and will have stronger, more long-lasting effect. A great “side effect” of dermaplaning is that tiny hair called vellus hair, that grow to various degree all over the face, will also be removed resulting in a smooth flawless completion. Patients may experience slight redness and temporary dryness after the procedure. It is important to moisturize and use sunscreen diligently. We advise to avoid sun exposure for a few days.

Dermaplane Candidates and Treatment Areas

Most common treatment areas are face and submental area.

Dermaplane Results

The results of dermaplaning are immediate. Clients will have smooth, glowing, healthier looking completion right after the procedure. A regular regimen that includes dermaplaning will produce even more visible results. With each dermaplane new skin growth is stimulated, skin imperfections and fine lines diminish or even disappear. This is a wonderful treatment to reduce old acne scaring, sun damage, fine lines and to give your skin a beautiful, glowing appearance.