Electrolysis Boston

What is Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a precise, permanent hair removal method that can treat any hair type including blond, red or gray hair. It is the only F.D.A. recognized method of permanent hair removal. After completing a required treatment course, additional “touch up” sessions generally not required. This is a time tested method of hair removal/reduction; the first ingrown lash was removed by method of electrolysis in 1875! At Gentle Aesthetics we use the most current Electrology Devise and implement only sterile, disposable, hair thin probes to gently remove each individual hair.

Our Electrologists have completed rigorous training. They are licensed and registered in the state of Massachusetts and are required to go through continuous education program in order to maintain their license with the State Board of Electrology.

How Electrolysis Works

A proper size, hair thin needle is carefully inserted into hair sheath in order to reach hair follicle. Short wave energy is then delivered directly into hair follicle; this causes hair to eventually fall out. Multiple treatments are necessary to achieve optimal results. Most patients tolerate this procedure very well however everyone has different pain tolerance levels and should let us know in advance if they feel anxious for any reason.

Electrolysis Candidates and Treatment Areas

Effective treatment for anyone interested in permanently removing hair from one or more areas anywhere on the body. Unlike Laser Hair removal, all skin and hair types can be successfully treated by electrolysis. This is a highly recommended procedure for people suffering from excessive hair growth due to hormonal imbalances such as PCOS and Hairsutizm. Some medications and health conditions trigger excessive hair growth in unwanted areas and electrolysis may be the only option available for such patients. Electrolysis is often recommended as a stand along treatment or in combination with Laser Hair Removal for transgender individuals and individuals going though gender change.

Electrolysis Results

Some redness and swelling of the area may appear immediately following the treatment and may last 15 minutes to an hour. Most people return to their regular activities right after the procedure. Slight redness of the area that was treated is common and usually lasts for not more than a day.

7-14 days after the treatment, hair will begin to shed from the skin.

Electrolysis Before and After


Case #4176 – Electrolysis

Individual results may vary.

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