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What is VelaShape?

VelaShape® is an incredibly comfortable and relaxing treatment for circumferential and cellulite reduction. Its safe, effective, FDA-approved technology combines bi-polar radio frequency energy, infrared light, and vacuum technology and is proven to smooth and tighten the skin—with no surgery or downtime.

How VelaShape Works

VelaShape uses a combination of energies from bi-polar radio frequency and infrared light to heat fat cells below your skin’s surface. This heat stimulates collagen growth, improves skin texture, and allows the cells to more easily release the fat—while the vacuum-like suction helps your lymphatic system rid itself of the fat and helps smooth skin dimples.

VelaShape Candidates and Treatment Areas

VelaShape is ideal for men and women who have a BMI (body mass index) of less than 30 and who maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise routine. Treatment areas include:

VelaShape Results

You will notice smoother skin, reduced cellulite, and a more contoured body in three to five treatments. Many clients have utilized our membership program to maintain and continue to improve their VelaShape results.




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Individual results may vary.

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VelaShape Before and After

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